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Crow Canyon Archaeological Center

Crow Canyon Archaeological Center

Crow Canyon Archaeological Center

Crow Canyon is a center for archaeological research, education, and preservation of the history of the Ancient Pueblo peoples.


A collection of print and web advertising
+ Ads created for Archaeology Research/Education, Domestic/International travel programs and campus events
+ Includes 2 new font families that mirror branding for consistency, readability and contemporary design 
+ 2 bright colors versus past use of an unlimited earth tone palette to create uniqueness
+ Large photographs to create impact
+ Logo within a consistently sized and placed container to increase recognition and readability

+ Large, bold headlines with clear messaging

Print publications incorporating these advertisements

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Click on image to view digital magazine version.

Wall graphic for Crow Canyon was designed to match current rack card, I also designed the wall graphic for Chimney Rock National Monument. Installed at the Durango Visitors Center.