Tailwind Nutrition

Tailwind Nutrition

Tailwind Nutrition is a manufacturer of drink mixes for endurance athletes, located in Durango, Colorado

logo, before and after: I inherited the original logo versions on the left in the following examples and proceeded to simplify and balance the logo for all expected domestic and international applications. The main uses are packaging and various forms of marketing, from social media, e-commerce, trade shows and events.

As is almost always the case, incorporation of the new logo didn’t happen immediately, so you will notice in some of the examples on this page the old versions still being used.

Main changes to logo:

• Use only 1 approved version for all applications

• Stacked version to be discontinued from all use
• Move NUTRITION left to be flush with tailwind
• Reduce size of spiral and move up
• Change dark element in spiral to gray
• Remove shadow under spiral
• Remove all gradients from spiral 
• Change color of tailwind to pure black 
• Remove slight gradient in orange color used for NUTRITION


Updated logo with added tagline

e-commerce digital advertisements: a collection of sizes

MTBR: Mountain Bike Reviews: 3 website wrapper options

packaging: design updates were incorporated into original packaging to improve retail appeal and branding & to meet new FDA label and packaging regulations.

Updated domestic packaging

Original domestic packaging

New stand-up pouch design to match existing display box and stick pack graphics

international packaging: managed all responsibilities to create packaging designs for UK distributor that met all European Union regulations. I worked with a proof reader and two translators to insure language accuracy and consistency for English, French and German. Designs were created for seven flavors in two sizes.

European Union packaging

digital media:  

Facebook cover photo and layout

Mailchimp newsletter design

Mobile newsletter view

Holiday photo for marketing campaign

trade shows:10’x10′ trade show booth was redesigned to have a strong and clean visual style and to also accommodate the major function of the booth, besides sales, which is tasting the product. New backdrop, tablecloths, shelving, drink dispensers, printed marketing and sales materials and various promotional branded items were created. The whole booth can be packed and shipped on 1 pallet.

The booth arrangement is easily changed. The front table can act as a barrier and is often placed along the sides to open-up the interior.

Shelves can be rearranged to best fit space and needs. Depending on type of show different photo and marketing posters can be placed on top or along sides of shelves.

Sales, Marketing and booth assets for trade shows and events

More assets

February 24, 2019